Katie Takes on Game of Thrones

*Content warning: discussion of sexual violence*

feminists are coming

So apparently they are going to “tone down” the sexual violence in Game of Thrones. So nice of them.

Personally, I get enough of it in my daily life that I don’t need it exploited in the name of ‘entertainment’.

Sex on TV? Yes. Violence on TV? Yes. Sexual violence of TV? Yes. But do not exploit sexual violence in a way that is “sexy” in order to increase ratings.* True Blood had all three without exploiting sexual violence for ratings, or making “blurred” consent sexy.

Porn use declined when GoT reaired this year. Research shows the popular pornography on the Internet involves violence and degradation of women. That tells you everything you need to know about this disgusting show.

sexism GoT

Image from xojane.com

NOTE: If you want to defend this show to me, don’t. Survivors get sick of being lectured to about how they need to deal with “reality”. Uh yeah, we do. Every fricking day. Which is why we want to avoid this horrible triggering shit as our entertainment.


*A number of scenes that were written as consensual sex in the books have been changed to sexual assaults in the TV show.



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