My Favourite I Think You Should Leave Series 1 Sketches – This Show Is EXACTLY In My Q-Zone!

By Nick Pendergrast

I recently saw the article ‘Every I Think You Should Leave sketch, ranked’ on – there are a bunch of other sites that do the same thing. I thought that this article didn’t get the order “right” AT ALL – comedy is subjective, who knew. Anyway, since I’ve been OBSESSED with this show I started watching it and also because series 2 is coming soon, I thought I’d share my own rankings of every sketch. See the article linked to above for more about each sketch – I won’t say much/anything at all about the sketches – I’ll mostly just rank them.

Before I get onto the rankings, because this is usually a political blog and my last few posts have been about identity and identity politics, I will make some token comments about tokenism or I guess representation more broadly in pop culture generally and this show specifically. In another show I’ve been watching Call My Agent, one of the characters, Sofia Leprince, has difficulty finding acting roles as a black woman. Often her agent is told that the character she wants to audition for can’t be played by a black woman because then the story will have to change to be about that character being a black woman. This has often been the case in pop culture, at least historically, with characters generally being from more privileged groups as the “default”, and for those who aren’t, often the jokes revolve around their ethnicity/gender/sexuality etc.

I Think You Should Leave shows that this doesn’t have to be the case. There are a wide range of ethnicities, genders, sexual preferences etc represented in the sketches without more marginalised ethnicities/genders/sexual preferences being what the jokes are about. For example, one my favourite sketches “Babysitter” (episode five) features two men in a relationship but that is merely “incidental” – it has nothing to do with the jokes in the sketch. Certainly shows shouldn’t get too much of a “pat on the back” for not making minority groups the “butt of the joke”, but this is all to say that I think it’s a positive thing that this show goes some way to representing the diverse range of people that make up the USA.

Anyway, onto the rankings – feel free to leave a comment with your agreements/disagreements/favourite quotes…

29. “Christmas Carol” (episode four)

28. “Party House” (episode six)

27. “New Joe” (episode three)

26. “Biker Guy” (episode two)

25. “Baby Of The Year” (episode one)

24. “The Man” (episode two)

23. “Wilson’s Toupees” (episode two)

22. “Chunky” (episode six)

21. “Both Ways” (episode one)

20. “Pink Bag” (episode two)

19. “River Mountain High” (episode four)

18. “Traffic” (episode four)

17. “Game Night” (episode three)

16. “Baby Shower” (episode six)

15. “Fenton’s Stables And Horse Ranch” (episode six)

14. “Choking” (episode five)

13. “Instagram” (episode one)

12. “Which Hand” (episode four)


11. “Lifetime Achievement” (episode four)

10. “Gift Receipt” (episode one)

9. “Nachos” (episode four)


8. “Has This Ever Happened To You” (episode one)

7. “Brooks Brothers” (episode five)

“No one’s getting spanked”.

6. “New Printer” (episode five)

“Did I stutter Meghan?”

5. “The Day That Robert Palins Murdered Me” (episode five)

“You said you wanted something spooky”.

4. “Babysitter” (episode five)

“Yeah, we did”.

3. “Focus Group” (episode three)

I think this is one of the best sketches, and I stand by it.

2. “Bozo” (episode six)

“Bozo did the dub”.

1. “Laser Spine Specialists” (episode three)

This sketch is EXACTLY in my Q-Zone!

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