Nationwide media campaign to address the climate emergency

This is a campaign that Katie came up with and sent to a range of organisations that are advocating for the environment.

Objective: To facilitate an immediate change in Coalition policy on climate change so that we can respond appropriately to the climate emergency.

Platforms: Traditional media (newspaper, television, radio, etc), new media (blogs, digital news websites, etc) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc).

Facilitators: Collaboration by any organisations willing to sign up. Those invited include Get Up, the Australian Greens,, Extinction Rebellion Australia, Animal Justice Party, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Uni Students for Climate Justice, Beyond Zero Emissions, Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance, Doctors for the Environment Australia, Friends of the Earth Melbourne, Climate Action Network Australia, Climate Council, Climate Change Research Centre, School Strike for the Climate, Australian Conservation Foundation, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, Greenpeace Australia, Seed, Psychology for a Safe Climate, Science Teachers for Climate Awareness, the Wilderness Society, The Jewish Ecological Coalition, WWF, The Earth Systems and Climate Change, Australian Academy of Science, Lawyers For Climate Justice Australia, the AMA, the ACTU, We Mean Business, Australian Parents for Climate Action. Please invite any other groups you believe would be interested.

Demands: Decided by consensus by climate scientists through organisations such as Climate Change Research Centre and The Earth Systems and Climate Change. Demands listed below are taken from WWF Australia website but if climate scientists would like to add or amend them, they should have full control over the list of demands.

Funding: Crowdfunding through the public and donations sought from member groups.

Suggested script:

Dear Mr Morrison

We can no longer ignore the impacts of climate change on our country and the world.

People have lost their lives, over a billion animals have died and thousands of homes destroyed.

Businesses have collapsed, tourism has been decimated and the air quality in Australia has at times been the worst in the world.

And this is only with an average worldwide temperate increase of 1 degree.

We must take action.

We know from the Australia Talks survey that climate change is the leading concern for Australians.

84% of us say climate change is real and action should be taken.

It’s not about left or right, Liberal vs Labor.

It’s about listening to the scientists.

We are a coalition of lawyers, doctors, teachers, firefighters, business owners, parents and children.

We know there are things we can do on an individual level – eat a plant-based diet, reduce our consumption, change our transport.

But we need you too.

We need you to listen to the scientists.

It’s not something that can be negotiated.

In order to avoid catastrophic warming, Australia must do the following*:

• Help limit global warming to 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century by leading the way with a global agreement at COP26 – to achieve this drastic action must be taken within the next decade.

• Achieving net-zero carbon pollution in Australia before 2050

• Achieving 100% renewable energy in Australia before 2050, including 100% renewable electricity before 2035.

• Keeping 80% of coal in the ground

*Demands adapted from WWF Australia website, but subject to change pending consensus of scientists.

Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

By Katie



Image from Bernhard Staehli / shutterstock


Jennifer Ludden has recently published an article asking the question: Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

My answer? No.

Read the scientific predictions for climate change. Consider what future your child will have. I’m scared about what the world will be like when I’m 40, but at least I will have had 39 years to live a ‘normal’ life, pre-climate change disaster.

My privileged Western kid will produce far more emissions than a kid in Burundi. (Yes, even if they are vegan and an amazing ethical eco person! Vegans and ethical people – you don’t get a free pass at breeding!) But ultimately who will suffer the most under climate change? The kid in Burundi. And my kid will help to add more suffering through their environmental impact.



Image from The Weather Channel on Youtube


So, no. No good reason to choose to bring a kid into this world. You do it for your own selfish reasons, to propagate your DNA and have a little version of you that you believe is a special snowflake and not something that cost you half a mil and shits on you (literally!).

That’s not even to mention what kind of world they would be living in if the climate doesn’t continue to go to hell. I’m not bringing a girl into this world. Knowing she has a 1/3 chance of experiencing violence? No. I will never have to come to the realisation that I could not protect my own child from family violence or sexual violence.

The worst part is being one of those childfree people that loves kids and fantasises about being able to have my own kids in a perfect world. So many childfree people hate kids. It’s so easy for them. But I have to watch others experience it, get all the adulation and recognition by our pro-breeding society, knowing that I am choosing to opt out and not experience being a parent. Because it’s in the best interest of the planet, the other animals we annihilate with our breeding, and that little kid in Burundi.



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