Quick and Easy Vegan Meals

By Nick Pendergrast


Not really a meal, but on a side note, all UNFROSTED pop tarts are vegan!

I remember someone saying a while ago that there are great vegan recipes out there, but what do you do if you just want to make something really quick? You certainly don’t have to be into cooking/keen to make fancy meals with long and complex recipes/have a lot of time for cooking to be vegan!

Below are some ideas for quick and easy vegan meals – some are cheap, others not so cheap and some are healthy, others not so much. But all are very quick and easy to prepare. Add some salad/chopped up carrots or other vegetables to any of these to increase your vegetable intake and make them healthier. Please leave comments with additional suggestions that you like.


chicken sandwich

Vegan “chicken” burger.


  • Vegan “chicken” burger/sandwich:

Fry up oil, “chicken” stock (Massel chicken stock is vegan and available at pretty much any supermarket*), hard tofu (eg sliced garlic tofu available at Coles) and cook until crispy. Serve with bread or burger roles and vegan mayonnaise (Praise 99% fat-free is a vegan one that is available at most supermarkets, plus there are healthier vegan mayo’s you can find at health food/organic shops and sometimes in the health food section of the supermarket).


ingredients for chicken sandwich

Ingredients for the “chicken” burger above.


  • Toasted cheese sandwich using vegan cheese – Bio cheese slices are available at most supermarkets. For the best cheese sandwich, put cheese with some salt and pepper inside bread, cover both sides of the bread with vegan margarine eg Nuttelex and then fry until brown on both sides and cheese has melted. Occasionally push down on bread with a spatula to help with cheese melting.
  • Lentils and frozen peas fried up with stock and served on top of toast.
  • Sausages with frozen peas and pre-made hash browns. Sanitarium sausages are vegan and available at most supermarkets, Linda McCartney sausages are also vegan and available at some supermarkets.
  • Soup and bread. There are a number of pre-made vegan soups available at supermarkets, including some La Zuppa Soups, Pitango Soups and heaps more.
  • Pre-made falafel and hummus with wraps.
  • Spiced lentils mix:

Fry up oil, garlic if you have it, then add 3x 400 gram tins of lentils with stock if you’re using it, then add 800 grams of diced tomatoes and all spices, fry for a few more minutes, then mash a bit with a potato masher. Add spices for flavour eg Massel Beef stock (all Massel stock powders are vegan even though they’re called “Beef”, “Chicken” etc), chilli flakes, cumin, pepper, garlic powder if you’re not using fresh garlic, mixed herbs etc. Serve with rice or bread roles. Thanks to Adam from VeganSci for this one!


Lentils and Rice

Spiced lentils mix.


  • Baked beans on toast (avoid ones with cheese/meat).
  • Tinned spaghetti (avoid ones with cheese/meat).
  • Instant noodles eg Indo Mie Mi Goreng Fried Noodles and all Maggi two minute noodles are vegan.
  • Pre-made burgers with bread eg Sanitarium “Not Burgers”, Fry’s chicken schnitzels or burger patties etc (all of the Fry’s range is vegan, most of the Sanitarium range is and those that are vegan are marked as vegan on the front of the package).
  • Hot dogs with bread or hot dog buns and sauce, plus onions if you have them. Sanitarium hot dogs are vegan and available at most supermarkets.


Additional suggestions from when I posted this on Facebook – please leave a comment below if you have additional suggestions:

  • Dairy free shop bought pesto, in pasta with nutritional yeast for extra flavour sprinkled on top, fresh basil.
  • Toast with avocado spread on top, squeeze of lime juice, black pepper and either tomato, radish or peppers.
  • Quorn fishfinger sandwich with salt n vinegar, on white bread with vegan margarine eg Nuttelex and tomato sauce.


*For an endless list of vegan products you can find in an Australian supermarket, check out the Vegan Easy Cheat Sheet.